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Send Email from Any Client
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Send e-mail from your web applications with SMTPMail!

SoftArtisans SMTPmail is a full-featured SMTP e-mail client control which can be installed on your Web server and used from any COM client (ASP, VB, WSH, etc.) This award-winning control offers significantly better performance than other SMTP components. SoftArtisans SMTPmail is written in high performance C++ and supports all threading models.

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SMTPMail Features:
Attach A File - Attach a file to an e-mail Change Ports - Change which port the object is sending to
Send Mail via SMTP - Use an SMTP Server to send e-mail Change From Name - Change the FROM NAME on an e-mail
Change From Address - Change the FROM ADDRESS on an e-mail Confirm Reading - Send e-mail with a Confirm Reading flag
US ASCII - Send e-mail with the ASCII character set ISO-8859-1 - Send e-mail with the ISO-8859-1 character set
Content Type - Specify ContentType header of a message's BodyText MIME Encoding - MIME Encode the file attachments
Content Transfer Encoding - Specify ContentTransfer Encoding header of a message's BodyText Live - Send NET SEND messages without using SMTP server
Send to CC - Send carbon copy e-mail to individuals Priority Settings - Set the priority of the e-mail
Exchange - Set an MS Mail (including Exchange) priority header Redundant Servers - Specify more than one SMTP server
Ignore Recipient Errors - Ignore invalid address error messages returned by SMTP Server Return Receipt - Send e-mail with a return receipt
Set Timeout - Maximum waiting time to get response from server Send to BCC - Send blind carbon copy e-mail to individuals
UU Encoding - Use UU Encoding on file attachments Urgent - Send an e-mail with an Urgent flag
X-Headers - Set X-Headers Clear Attachments - Remove attachments from the message
X-Priority - Set a standard X-Priority header Clear CC - Remove recipient from CC list
Clear All Recipients - Clear recipients from TO, CC, BCC list Clear Extra Headers - Remove X-Headers
Clear BCCs - Remove recipients from BCC list Clear Recipients - Remove recipients from TO list
Encode Header - Encode a string in RFC1522 format to provide support for 8-bit mail headers Word Wrap - Wrap the message body text
Get Text From File - Load plain-formatted body text from a file Html Text - Pass HTML text into the body of e-mail
Get HTML Text From File - Loading HTML-formatted body text from a file Mass Mailing - Send personalized e-mails by connecting to database
Get Temp Path - Get the path for temporary mail files set by the operating system Date Time - Overwrite the default Date and Time
Mail Templates - Search and replace templates with personalized information Log - Log the session with server
Authentication Login - Avoid sending spam mails from your mail server Reply–To - Specify reply-to address
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Encrypted Messages - Send PGP encrypted messages
Queued Mailings - Increase speed by offloading the sending of messages to another process or machine
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